Cardboard Hearts

by The Pilot Kids

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released June 30, 2012

Produced/Written/Engineered by The Pilot Kids

(with the exception of the "Beast Mode" instrumental and



all rights reserved


The Pilot Kids New Jersey

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Track Name: In The Clouds
Verse 1:
Now you can say that he's a hopeful artist with great ideas but no regard to how painstakingly draining, slow, and hard it is to get a goal accomplished.
And I never claimed to be a know-it-all but are famous people so involved with things that we bestowed upon 'em, they can't see what's goin on?
It,s crazy, jeez, it's so appallin'-- showmen often waste the weeks til all are gone andhow can I blame em?
It's a major leap from no applause.
They say I'm showin off, I just say I'm flowin, dog.
And even though I walk I don't know where to travel to.
Know it's uptown, only question is the avenue.
Am I really rappin or is rappin just a habit proving absolutely futile since I'm graduating from camera school?
Well I thought I'd learn how to be focused if my aperture was narrow but it turned out to be bogus.
I have to do this now though cuz my nerve's bound to be broken if I get stuck and quit the game like I pressed the red button.

Verse 2:
Now it's your turn to acknowledge it-- lemme stir the pot a bit.
Take my sperm and swallow it.
I'm the dermatologist, this is what your face needs.
("fuck man, I'm out of it. I can't fuckin' do this contrived bullshit")
Ok, I just prefer the opposite and all you other rappers need a tough and stern admonishment.
Before you get fucked up like Mother Earth's environment.
I bet you didn't know I got a fuckin' firm and solid grip on politics.
I'm just joshin', it's a common occurrin' side effect when you've been burnin lots of spliffs.
Man, I'm the God of this and you're my perfect opposite.
I'm a reverse homonym if you personificate words.
I make nerds astonished when they hear the rhyme scheme-- I'm on a wordsmith scholarship.
And ya'll don't know the meaning of the term accomplishent.
I'm perched upon a cliff, high as Mount Vernon--- the top of it.
An urban metropolis honest to God doesn't boggle me at all-- I'm looking for turf to conquer.
If New York isn't enough I'm leaving earth on a rocket ship.
Fuck it, I'm done.
Buddy, it's the birth of The Pilot Kids.
Track Name: It's This
Verse 1:
Coming to you straight from the center of Jers: Mister Relentless, the first kid representing the burbs lyrically.
Let it be heard: I'm the medic of verses, the lexical surgeon of professional wordsmithery.
Hella emphatic on tracks I'm melodramatic and you can tell I've been at it since I was 12-and-a-half, that's when I developed the habit, the magic spell it was cast, and I had a hell of a passionate era dwelling on rap!
Bitch I'm Mister Gorenc, my description warrants a thick thesaurus
So competitors-- stick to forfeits.
The marijuana Harry Potter-- "Stoned Sorcerer"
Use a blunt to conduct my own orchestra.
Better get your distortion man, we don't fuck around, we amplify the mix.
Then we pass it to and fro to get your grandma high as shit.
I'm the man you wanna go to if you can't decide on which type of music to pick: It's This.

Verse 2:
I am a magician who gets kicks not from a rabbit trick, but from ravaging grammatical cabinets full of adjectives with--
a bad back from a habit of having sacreligious activities happening without passion or amorousness.
Is this the result of too much cannabis?
Is that what they meant when they said I'd make massive hits?
Well I'll be damned if it's the aforementioned misunderstanding man I thought they were fans of it.
back to the point real quick which, in fact, hasn't even been established yet.
We've come to craft a bit of assonance.
Bring out your fucking castanets, better grab your fucking mandolins and snatch up every clarinet you can and then come jam a bit with a clan you simply can't forget.
Dammit we just landed it-- Atlantis on a NASA mission.
So fucking commanding it's as if we hail from Nazareth.
Submit to the melody, because our shit "Is Real" like Tel Aviv.
Track Name: Beast Mode (Freestyle)
Out of my mind, I'm into my soul.
How do I find the rhythm I know, is dying to climb up out of my soul
and pounce on the crowds to give them a show?
Why am I blind when vision is so important?
And how can I judge whether my flow's conforming or not if I'm so absorbed in it?

Verse 1:
Sleep on me dude, im a bed of knives, you'll wish to God you didnt.
You're living in the past like a fossil-- I'm rocko when it comes to modern living.
Even though I may drive by in a Honda Civic, my games sky high like Hogwarts quidditch... so wave bye-bye, I'm a lot more gifted, the rest of your picnic they all forfeited.
I kill the competition overnight--that's why i dont sleep, im trying to resist a rest.
The police can't tell me to get into bed--i dont need nobody but my bitch and friends and family so a hater better get to steppin
You didn't get the reference?
Then it wasn't mentioned for you--never did i go befriendin a fool.
Too much pot can rot your brain--you must not have got good grades.
Im through with excuses truth is you suck cock like Sasha Grey.
You'll have your day but man today well it is not your day.

Out of my mind, I'm into my soul.
How do I find the rhythm I know, is dying to climb up out of my soul
and pounce on the crowds to give them a show?
Why am I blind when vision is so important?
And how can I judge whether my flow's conforming or not if I'm so absorbed in it?

Verse 2:
Well, thats ok--cuz when i get back to the back ima latch to a track and attack it.
You dont wanna rap, no way---put you in your place.
Act your age, not your dick length.
And i switch it up quicker than Cristian Bale did in "The Machinist".
Got ya girl studyin my cock like i had every one of her class notes all written on my penis.
I'm a visionary genius-- you are nothing more than a one story house...get it?
You aint got nothin upstairs, you are not enough to fuck me up like one 40 oz.
Come for me now--- i bump real loud so it shouldn't be hard to find me.
My system is on blast so when I ride past i feel you eyein me like....
PK-- anybody got a problem wit it you could tell it to me or Donrique.
We play nice but each day tries our patience.
Start pacing around the basement to keep faith in it-- heart racin like a relay's finish it's funny in a way but we ain't kiddin cuz money's on the line like prepaid minutes.

History i want my name in it so I'm rebuilding the foundation of this house-- not painting it.
I call em graffiti rappers tagging over each other, what happens when I come and knock your fuckin wall down??
You're all out of a job--- that's what..
Call out to the gods-- act up..
Girl, suck my dick, NO, better yet put your mouth on my cock-- that sucks!
Flat butts don't mean no sex-- ima murderer better keep those texts.
Cuz I found out she was driving around with someone else like Cee-Lo's ex.
"Fuck you" slut now I got enough to convict you but I aint got the guts to quit you, so I'll acquit you-- maybe just hit you and rough you up.
I'm so annoyed so do not be pushy with me, pussy's like a toy-- just a hobby.
i once was bashful, now im feelin like Louie--- cuz I added a CK to the word coy, now I'm cocky.
Beast mode thanks to BOB so Im turning into an animal like that fuckin boy from Jumanji
Track Name: Written and Produced by The Pilot Kids - Beamin' N Schemin'
Verse 1:
So hot that I light that damn blunt when I'm flowing anywhere in the vicinity.
Matches ain't needed, I'd rather play drago and breathe on my chemical amenities.
Sexual as hell and fully developing, tellin you fella she was eligible at 17!
Just kiddin I gotta gauge words written on the page based on the rhymes I'm deliverin and most ring true.
They all don't, though.
I heard a lot of rappers and they're all so-so, so I stay changing like Waldo's location, in case ya'll don't know.
And I got that shit that puts these ladies in a trance.
Yeah, I got that shit that makes these MCs shit their pants.
How am I to choose what I wanna do when I got a slew of options?
And I gotta prove to the people who view Youtube concoctions who is awesome?
I don't even do this often.
Man, I'm at a school for film.
NYU for real-- somebody pay my student bills!!!
I gotta do what I've been doing all my life and to be honest ever since I'm 12, been a rap fiend.
Weird as head like Hey Arnold, ya'll haters are all just Helga Patakis.
Telling me I'm silly when rally you got a shrine of me silently hiding up inside your bedroom wall.
Gum statue and all, man let's move on.

Verse 2:
I'm the opposite of a one track mind state.
I got enough thoughts running amuck to fill up a cross country team and run a 5K.
And I ain't talking money, man, I'm in a bind lately-- so I am climbing up in the vines tryna find ways into your home...
I take a hit to the dome of some high grade weed then I steal your business clothes and go off sprinting like, hmmm....
I think I just went on a tie raid!
Sitting on the driveway, sideways, tryna hide my face from all inhabitants, then I crawl out of it, fall back and I laugh like "Dammit I guess the cannabis has traveled into my brain!"
More apparent and raw talent than 4 American Idol contestants if ever they were combined, say!
Maybe that's why they migrate my way.
You don't make sense like math with a primate.
I could make you drive a stake through your heart.
I decide fates.
I could fucking make you a star.
Why would I time waste?
I ain't gonna wait til I'm in charge to instill blind faith, I'll lace it in my art!
ta-ka-ta-take it apart.
Your whole flow.
"Oh." :(
You could bring it back when it does not blow.
You must not know-- I'm the commander, you're tryna be the man but you're just not, though.
You? Charmander.
Me? 120 HP I'm a star car. Charizard, buddy.
I'ma burn anybody on the summit til they are far from it, it's a far, far plummet to the ground.
A dark, dark, dungeon is where you'll be found as I lounge on the crown of the mountain like, "Wow."
I can't hear a sound but

Verse 3:
Rapper with astonishing skill. Why are you acting like you wanna get killed?
I am a Cadillac up on a big hill and you are a caterpillar on the windshield.
Big wheels-- pig squeals when I brake. Breaking never happens I don't wanna sit still.
I'm moving around constantly on a windwill.
Ron Burgundy of rhyming-- I'm kind of a big deal.
And I don't simplify, not a lyric in my notebook's been revised.
Never dumb down shit, I've got Simba pride and I just can't wait to be king, ya'll have been advised.
To all you simpleminded nitwits hiding in disguise: just know I've been spitting rhymes since "freestyle" meant you improvised.
Damn-- I'ma be the mamacita getter when I level all competitors flat.
Do you want the truth?
You better get back in the booth.
'Fore you fall off like a little kid's tooth.
I don't wanna hate but what else am I to do?
Dudes thinking they big shit like elephant poop.
And I'm stuck feeling like a drug dealer with the best shit but no one to sell the shit to!
Got a hella sick musical ear and whatnot......
Come see my weapons, my 1-3-5-7's will leave you hanging, I'm fucking armed with notes.
So you're never gonna hear a gunshot.......
luckily my method of hunting my brethren's achieved through phrasing things much too smart for most.
Track Name: Oh, The Ecstasy
Verse 1:
Its the white poltergeist-like boy whose flow's like no sight on a tight rope: you never know, folks.
I'm cleaner than soap, guarantee I'm the most hot.
Ya'll stovetop-- I'm like a phoenix that rose out from ashes.
Mixing hash with the cheese on my toast.
Bastards are hating on me like the seasons, I quote Weezy.
It's so easy to, though, with this media.
So slow-mo an MP3 of my flow.
I been keepin it rollin like a motorbike. So delightful--
to watch my flow you're like "Nooooo!"
She's like, "He's so insightful <3"
but it ain't solely cuz of that fact--
man I got green like a tree-hugging packrat.
When I smoke weed, dude, I breathe it thru a gas mask.
Speed thru and lap whack cats.
(Cats) act like they were trying to read Hebrew... they backtrack.
Ha ha ha ha ha.... you just get laughed at.

Verse 2:
Ya'll need a laughtrack. Better go to Comicon.
Me? I'm on that fast track. You should call me Ramadan.
Hope this beat's on birth control cuz I ain't got a condom on.
I'm about to make this shit my bitch like it was Kyle's mom.
Boy I throw it down like weight that was too heavy and leave fellow MCs wide-eyed like Steve Buscemi.
I'ma need a few pennies. It's time for my two cents.
Ain't nobody on my level still a student.
ain't nobody even half as mean.
You halfwits all are past your prime like fax machines.
You ain't gotta ask him why, just laugh as he passes by, a mastermind in his dad's new Jeep.
Black and Yellow-- no Khalifa though. Smoking on the reefer though I never really seem to go higher--- HIGHER
and even though Donrique don't even smoke weed, you know the beats are so fire--- FIRE
Track Name: F.T.W.
Verse 1:
I remember being ten years old making beats all alone in my room watching Rugrats.
Now I'm 21 sittin in my underwear and I'm all alone in my room watching Rugrats.
(with a dubsack) "You should cut back!"
Fuck that, I do whatever I please.
If this bar's gonna throw me out, then I'ma find a bar that never IDs.
And if I'm at a red light in the dead of the night and nobody's around, I'm cruisin.
Same goes for the neighborhood stop signs, if a cop tries to catch me, I'll lose him.
I'm a badass-- I got a criminal mind, man I been getting arrested after my cat scans.
You can find me in the back of the arcade plastered, playing Pac Man while I tap dance.

So many people wanna run my shit but I wanna make my own mistakes!!!
So here's a thank you to all them haters for making all these rules to break!!!!

Verse 2:
Fuck you and the crew that you listen to.
Me and Donriq--- two rude individuals.
Me I got a freak gettin nude in the swimmin pool
Derek's in the back with a student from middle school.
Just kiddin dude, yeah I like to ridicule.
Buddy I'm an artist don't tell me it ain't legit to do.
Study it your hardest cuz all you rappers are miserable.
Cryin about the shitty conditions you have to live with, do you have any concept of what the fuck this life can give to you?
No? Me neither, so quit your whinin and spit the truth.
If this is a description of you, just know I'm a horse of a different hue.
So why would an MC think to ring around the rosey with me, everything you hear is from my mind with Donrique by my side, got these ladies saying hi, bitch I'm flyer than Henry Winkler.
Track Name: Johnny The Destroyer (Freestyle)
Watching the girls track team from under the bleachers.
I wanna be a teacher.
It's not creepy. It's research.
I'm not peeping, I'm seeing first hand how these jock teens deal with teamwork.
Just kidding, I'm masturbating.
If lightbulbs are ideas then how come the only time I get them's in the dark?
And if I can see anything but the pen in between my fingers against this sheet of paper, I ain't getting very far.
I think it speaks loudly of the sentences at large cuz I'm feeling like a prisoner behind my own mental set of bars sometimes.
That's why I'm so far from sunshine but enough whining, let's unwind.
Follow me to the top of the bottom, we have gotta be much closer than a lot of them, though.
On a journey to become a hero, I fear no man. You could say I got that Monomyth flow.
Joseph Campbell couldn't do it better than the Prince Caspian of NYU that led you into his dresser--- not to undress you---- but rather to do whatever you wanted to and express yourself.
I guess I'm a little bit different.
I take a Xanax for energy and an Adderall to sleep.
I use a vocal chord to power all my camera equipment and a camera cord to speak.
I like the Beatles, but fuck love cuz rap is all I need.
I'm a magic sort of breed that can force retreat like the Allied forced storming the beaches of Normandy-- metaphorically using a recorded beat as the shore.
One thing I hate is boredom so I record 'em like my own post-mortem has already come.
I'm done.
Track Name: Rhymelessly Timeless (Freestyle)
flow said to be yosemite sam like-- you low energy folks
better beware I'm ready to jam right up until the moment I liter'lly don't have any damn life.
no memory of last night--
wait, I know! "Uh...that's right! I was/
at your live show"--- man I could open sesame but you so incredibly can't write, you're jammed tight!

Maybe that's why it's hard to get into--New York Post, bitch! Narnia's in the house and we bout to disarm any ninja thinkin that he's quiet enough to get by us ....
biased by association?-- bullshit-- I saw all your homie's hatin at the side of the bar when I entered--- cuz I got a bitch like Carmen Electra

only problem is that she charges ya extra, when ya, take her to the bar and pretend to, entertain her as I formerly mentioned, please bartender can i have a check
she 's just a rental I gotta get her back to the Centra (also a rental)
'snot much time! I wanna get my cock sucked-- and I'm startin to "fret" like I was carved in a Fender-- mind drifts off like im bored in a lecture...

5 kids cough and the snoring has ended
eyes a bit glossed and cornea's red be-
fore you even ask yeah Im smokin on the best buds
Rhymes a little sharp so its hard for ya to get but still i write for "Kids" like Harmony Korine does
since the-- introduction of my shit, I been fuckin up ya shit, and I bet it's all a little foreign to ya thick skulls

which re- minds me that I make my own beats with the homie Donriq gettin better every week fuck it every single day yup in every single way and were so far away from the peak--
your future looks "Bleecker" than 2nd street you keep makin stops like the local train pilot kids we fly our own planes we the flyest bitch we decide our own fates.

picture me as a starving artist with his arm in the garbage picking out cardboard objects to fill up his basement with replacing all the dog shit so that he could start kickin these foreign concepts in the form of a collage drawn and carved into ya brain
so make like an orthodontist and brace yourself cuz I'm insane--

-ly cuz of drugs weed's what I love finishin a spliff and then I reach in the glove
compartment thought I heard the police on my butt..."Man we almost got caught!!" rest in peace to my bubbler!
cynical as fuck, for sure-- cuz I'm not a criminal but i been cuffed on the curb
so fuck what ya heard-- im up to my shirt collar and unnerved i need Perks just kiddin fuck
pills cuz youngins are dumb where I come from and some of the ones that I chilled with,
literally did just that they just chilled like the mirror image of me backwards. yeah.
let that sink in so you can find out I just made fun of myself...
I ran it by a hip hop afficionado and he said it was still phat no wonder my belts so loose

do you need proof? rewind the track gimme one more view it's a win win sitch you're wastin your
time with the rest so come rhyme with the best and have fun for a few
minutes-- this is The Pilot Kids and we stay on the grind til the pipeline splits
why buy discs? torrent this shit-- Jonny Gorenc in this bitch and I'm rhymelessly timeless.
Track Name: Unstoppable
I haven't seen daylight this week.
Real shit, I kinda feel sick.
Wendy's three nights in a row, I don't like it but I know I can get a meal quick if I go.
And my funds are pretty short.
Account balance only says 154.
yeah, I could get a job but how could I accomplish what I want to working at some shitty store like you?
I'm writing funky ass tunes in this musty ass room 90 hours a week and I ain't one of these dude's getting beats from some other dude, slapping a verse on top and saying it's me.
That ain't you-- shut the fuck up.
You're straight chillin, homie, buy a frickin lawn chair.
Me and Donrique do this shit all alone, man, I could fill a ship with this pirated software.
I'll Jack Sparrow you, son.
You're a '77 Ford, I'm a McLaren F1.
Only issue is it isn't as apparent to some people that I be packing heat like I'm carrying guns.
So what should I flow about? Bitches and bacardi?
I don't even go out.
Fuck it I'm going to sleep on this old couch that I found in the garbage.
Track Name: La La Land
Imagine if I were honest and when you said "how are you" to me, I said "I feel anonymous".
Unaccomplished and kind of beginning to feel like I'm wandering off of a cliff-- pondering all of this shit I've already promised to myself about my future and the now which, now, has past.
Banking on a self-fulfilling prophecy created by my passionate fear of not being at the top of the heap.
I've always been entranced, but now I'm wondering if I've completely lost why I began: music.
The only thing that stays the same as day to day I change and age quickly.
The only thing I've been able to take with me.
But as I descend into this ocean I feel the plates shifting.
Just close your eyes, Jonny, and make history.